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Our permanent remote leakage monitoring technology, which is adopted by more and more smart utilities around the globe, is unique in the world and a veritable revolution in the water industry.

About Gutermann

GUTERMANN is a global technology leader and innovator in intelligent water loss technologies. We cover the full range of conventional leak detection equipment and are the only provider of permanent, fully automatic, correlating network monitoring systems enabling utilities to pinpoint leaks within the shortest time. GUTERMANN partners with such established technology companies such as Aclara, Homerider Systems, IBM and NEC.

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Events and Exhibitions

30.10.-2.11.2017 - Water Infrastructure Conference - Houston TX, USA

31.10.-3.11.2017 - Aquatech - Amsterdam, Netherlands

30.11.2017 - Water Industry Technology Innovation Conference - Birmingham, UK

03-05.12.2017 - NAWL - San Diego CA, USA

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How Albstadt became a worldwide front-runner with its approach to Intelligent Water Loss Management

How ZoneScan Alpha helped Albstadt reduce its Minimum Night Flow to minimal levels with an average leak run-time of 1.5 days, cutting total cost of leak localisation by 98%!

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