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GUTERMANN wins Anglian Water's 2016 Innovation Award

» Anglian Water Supplier Awards (Newmarket, UK), November 2016

At Anglian Water's annual Supplier Awards ZONESCAN ALPHA was chosen among 52 of new innovative products as the one that will have a particular impact on the water network of the future. A month earlier Anglian Water had presented ZONESCAN ALPHA to a Parliamentary Water group in London, using Virtual Reality images of a ZONESCAN 820 logger to be shown to public policy makers using Microsoft HoloLens. 

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ZONESCAN ALPHA awarded "Best New Product" in the Category "Software Applications and Services"

» H2O Accadueo (Bologna, Italy), October 2014

ZONESCAN ALPHA and its cloud-based software-as-a-service sister product ZONESCAN NET have won the "Best New Product" Award in the category "Software Applications and Services" at H2O Accadueo's innovation showcase (among over 170 submissions). The award recognises ZONESCAN's ability to improve remote network management, perform automatic daily correlations between all neighbouring sensors and automatic alerts as well as accurate pinpointing of leaks within the shortest time. The other categories were Mains and wells; Pumps, machinery and systems; and Instrumentation. 

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Gutermann among the winners at biannual Environmental Technology Awards Baden-Württemberg

» Umwelttechnik-Preis des Umweltministeriums Baden-Württemberg (Stuttgart, Germany), July 2013

ZONESCAN Alpha wins 3rd prize in the category “Process Measuring and Control Technology” at the Green Tech Awards Baden-Württemberg. The jury was particularly impressed with ZONESCAN's "innovative algorithms, good visualisations and the ability to pinpoint and repair leaks quickly and efficiently“. This biannual event, sponsored by the Ministry for Environment, Climate and Energy of Baden-Württemberg with a total of EUR 100,000 prize money, was held for the just third time this year. Gutermann was selected from overall, about 120 companies who submitted their technology products in five different categories.

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WEX Award for "Innovation in Technology" 2013

» WEX Water & Energy Exchange Summit (Madrid, Spain), February 2013

Gutermann receives the prestigious “technology” award at WEX in Madrid (Spain), recognising “outstanding usage, manufacture or production of innovative products or technologies which are creating substantial benefits to the world’s water needs”. All entries in the "Technology" category required demonstrating an innovative aspect utilizing new ideas, methods, alterations and/or unique changes from existing systems. Gutermann and Zonescan Alpha won this award against the other two short-listed products (1) VITENS: Colour removal from drinking water in a zero liquid discharge process, and (2) E-MIGS LTD: Extreme Mobile Information Gathering Systems.

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ZONESCAN NET awarded "Best Water Leakage Product" 2012

» H2O Water Awards (Dubai, UAE), November 2012

ZONESCAN wins award for “Best Water Leakage Product” at the H2O Water Awards 2012 in Dubai, UAE. Organised by CPI, H2O Water Awards 2012 celebrates the outstanding achievements of the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) water industry. H2O Water Awards recognise projects and programmes, big and small, which have made significant contributions to the advancement of the region's water industry. The projects and programmes are expected to demonstrate a high standard of excellence and quality as well as processes and innovations that promote sustainability. ZONESCAN won the award in recognition of the remarkable successes in the region: The ZONESCAN ALPHA installation in Al-Ain/Abu Dhabi is the largest such installation in the world and has uncovered dozends of leaks since its first installation. 

STAR ZoneScan named one of the "10 Stand-out Technologies" at ACE12

» AWWA's Annual Conference and Exibition ACE12 (Dallas, TX, USA), June 2012

Water Online editor Kevin Westerling identified STAR ZoneScan as particularly relevant to reducing the operational costs of a utility by helping them effectively find leaks in the water distribution system. The STAR ZoneScan AMI leak detection solution was developed by Aclara based on Gutermann's cutting-edge Zonescan correlating sensor technology. STAR ZoneScan eliminates the process of drive-by data collection by allowing the utility to trigger automatic data collection and transmission directly from the utility via Aclara's STAR AMI Network. This is the first such technology introduced to the US market.

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Gutermann and Zonescan win 2. place at technology awards in Slovakia 2012

» AQUA trade show (Trencin, Slovakia), June 2012

At the AQUA 2012 at the Trencin Expo Center in Slovakia, Gutermann was awarded second place in the category "Technology" for its "ZoneScan 820 Water Network Monitoring System". This award is given in recongnition of the uniqueness and powerfulness of the Zonescan correlating logger system that is capable of automatically alert and pinpoint leaks of all sizes within just hours or days. The first prize in the technology category was received by the local company Water Research Institute, Bratislava, for "drinking water safety plan selected group of tap water".

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Gutermann and its customer Albstadtwerke Finalists at Sustainability Awards

» Guardian Sustainable Business Awards (London, UK), "Water" category, May 2012

Gutermann and Albstadtwerke win second spot at Guardian's Sustainable Business Awards for pioneering automated leak alarm systems with pinpointing capabilities. Albstadtwerke was one of the first cities worldwide to deploy Gutermann's intelligent water loss technology Zonescan Alpha with its cloud-based leak alarm and investigation tool Zonescan.Net. Today, Albstadtwerke have almost 500 measured points in their water distribution system and are still growing the installation. Since January 2010, Albstadtwerke have identified and repaired dozens of leaks and brought the physical loss level of water to minimal levels. At the awards, Gutermann and Albstadtwerke were second only to SAB Miller's initiative "Producing more beer with less water". 

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