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Careers at GUTERMANN

Worldwide, GUTERMANN is renowned for its innovative research, high quality manufacturing, and top class sales and service approach. For decades the company has been driving the development in the leak detection industry through constant innovation, and customers know GUTERMANN products as highly reliable and very effective. In recent times, the Company has established itself as the clear leader in its sector, and the only company capable of offering a truly unmanned fixed water network monitoring system and has therefore climbed to an entirely new level of technology, offering smart utilities and smart cities an “intelligent water loss management” system that gives them total control over their water distribution network and allows them to minimise the losses through leak in water pipes. 

Our main asset is the presence of highly talented people with exceptional expertise, both in the lab and on the field. This is the reason for GUTERMANN’s excellent worldwide reputation. Our employees strive on creativity, hard work and self-determination, but also on successful projects and happy customer. Fun and open communication is just as important as success and leadership. 

Be part of the adventure – come work for the best!

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