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Clean drinking water for African Peace Community (OTEPIC)

GUTERMANN is proud to be the Sponsor of a ground water pump system that will be built in a Kenyan "peace village" and provide enough potable water for about 3,000 people on a daily basis. The land is owned and the agricultural and social project is run by a Kenyan NGO called OTEPIC.

1. What is OTEPIC?

"Organic Technology Extension and Promotion of Initiative Centre" (OTEPIC) is a community based organization born out of passion for sharing knowledge and innovative approaches with those who need it most: subsistence farmers, and in particular, women and youth groups in the Trans-Nzoia district of northwestern Kenya and its surrounding areas. OTEPIC empowers communities to grow and enjoy their own food through providing grass root education in skills of sustainability. Since 2008, OTEPIC has taught more than 2000 local farmers, women and youth in ecological agriculture, permaculture, peace education, renewable energy technologies, and promoted innovative activities to improve the living standard of people.

Please watch the IMAGE FILM at the bottom of this page.

2. Where did GUTERMANN's funding go?

Thanks to GUTERMANN's donation OTEPIC was able to finance the sourcing and building of a borehole and a water system driven by a solar pump. The water that will be automatically pumped and stored will provide free drinking water for hundreds of the families within the community.

OTEPIC's new peace village map including the borehole project (Click to enlarge)

How the water serves in the full village lifecycle (Click to enlarge)

3. GUTERMANN's Donation: A living blog...

◊ September 2014:

First meeting in Germany with Philip Munyasia, founder of OTEPIC, who made an impressive presentation of his water project.

◊ October 2014:

Second meeting with GUTERMANN representatives in Switzerland, and remittance of the funds earmarked for the solar-powered water pumping, storage and distribution station for OTEPIC's peace village in Western Kenya.

Philip Munyasia (OTEPIC) with Uri Gutermann on the roof terrace of GUTERMANN's head office in Baar.

◊ January 2015

The Project is taking shape. The equipment required for the drilling and the water pump station has been commissioned. The hydrogeological survey is now done in order to assess the given quality and quantity of the ground water. 

Undertaking the pre-drilling hydrogeological survey

◊ March 2015

The Project team is now ready to start the ground drilling process. The drilling company arrives with a convoy of equipment. The community is gathered to help preparing the ground for a new road that is required to provide access for the machinery to the drilling grounds. The equipment is then offloaded and the construction works begin. Let's hope for a short drilling process until the crew hits the water!

The truck with the drilling equipment arrives.
Community members "paving the way".
Roads clear for the equipment.
Drilling tubes piled up ready for action.
The Project work is very physical.
The drilling "tower" stands.
Assembly of the drilling pipes takes time.
At last! Let's start drilling...


◊ April 2015

Finally the team is ready to test the functionality of the pump and drilling machine. Last preparations are performed and the generators starti running....

Hold your breath for a few seconds..... and go!

What a joy!


» More to follow as the Project progresses...

4. How can YOU support this project too?

This NGO maintains donation accounts with parther foundations in Germany and Switzerland, where any amounts can be paid into, stating "OTEPIC" as payment reference. Follow this link.

OTEPIC Image Film