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Company Profile

At GUTERMANN, we are dedicated to tackling the worldwide problem of water loss in urban water infrastructure.

Gutermann product information - 1980s

GUTERMANN is a global technology leader and innovator in intelligent water loss technologies and leak detection technology. We are a third-generation privately owned family enterprise with headquarters in Baar, Switzerland, and regional offices in Europe, North and Latin America, the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia.

GUTERMANN has been specialising in the design, manufacturing and distribution of all conventional acoustic leak detection equipment for more than 60 years. With a constant focus on innovation, we have often been at the forefront of new product developments in our sector, always pushing the boundaries of water leak management technology and often copied by our competitors but never quite matched. Thanks to our tireless commitment to product quality, functionality and user-friendliness, GUTERMANN has become a synonym for precision, quality and reliability in leak detection technology worldwide. Read more about our commitment to quality here.

GUTERMANN has managed the quantum leap from the hardware manufacturer to the provider of a fully automatic water loss alarm turnkey solution
Zonescan Alpha product set
Zonescan NET screen shot


Our vision:

GUTERMANN aims to shape the future. We lead the development of intelligent water technologies that help reduce the loss of potable water due to inefficiencies in our infrastructure and therefore preserve water as the world’s most valuable resource. GUTERMANN is a clean-technology leader that ultimately allows people to have a better life in a more sustainable society.

GUTERMANN has often been the first to introduce a new technology or advanced technical features. For the last 10 years we have put a lot of efforts into realising our vision of a completely automatic, unmanned and permanent network monitoring system which allows the user to identify and pinpoint leaks – even small and difficult ones – anywhere in the water network. From the Control Room, the water loss manager can review, in real-time, his entire distribution network, and analyse problematic network districts and pinpoint existing and new leaks in seconds. Thanks to the powerful and attractive Zonescan NET user interface and measurement database, the operator can use invaluable current and historic network data to track the state of his pipe network, perform benchmarking between different sectors, thus helping to anticipate negative network events such as pipe breakages. The system allows the smart utility to take informed asset management decisions, such as optimal repair work and pipe replacement times. Smart cities use Intelligent Water Loss Management from GUTERMANN.

Zonescan, with the flagship products ZoneScan Alpha and Zonescan NET, is our fixed network platform. After the first few installations we have continued to hone and perfect both the hard- and the software. In 2010, after extensive testing by the client, GUTERMANN delivered the largest such installation in the world to a country in the Gulf region. At the same time, a city in Germany scaled up their successful pilot site to cover the entire city network, after finding a massive leak within days of the system installation that paid back for the costs of the system in less than a month. The results are striking! Read more about our success stories in the Case Study section. If you would like to discuss your requirements with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.



GUTERMANN is a proud technology partner of a number of world-leading multi-billion turnover technology companies. All of them have recognised that GUTERMANN has a unique product portfolio and a clear technological advantage in its field.

GUTERMANN and Aclara (an ESCO Technologies Inc. company - NYSE: ESE) have together developed the first integrated AMI leak detection system with correlation capabilities, which even in the second year after its launch is the only such system worldwide. STAR Zonescan is based on Aclara's STAR AMI network and GUTERMANN's Zonescan correlating AMI loggers and Zonescan Net cloud-based leakage management software.

GUTERMANN and IBM have partnered to develop a leak detection solution for smarter cities. For that GUTERMANN integrates its technology as component within IBM's Intelligent Operations for Water (IOW). This way IOW customers simultaneously benefit from ZONESCAN's world leading automatic leak detection capabilities as well as from IBM's other solutions for smarter water operations.

GUTERMANN and NEC, a leading Japanese technology group, are developing together a cloud-based leakage monitoring solution for industrial and governmental customers. The solution will be based on GUTERMANN's Zonescan correlating logger technology and Zonescan Net software and will be integrated in NEC's cloud solution for integrated water management.

Brief History

  • 2012: Opening of the 10th international office (in Lima, Peru) as coordination office for South America
  • 2012: Factory moves to Ravensburg (Germany) and triples capacity.
  • 2012: Launch of Star Zonescan, the leak pinpointing AMI system, in collaboration with Aclara.
  • 2011: Final delivery of the first large-scale fixed network monitoring system in the world with 10,000 measurement points.
  • 2010: Founding of Gutermann Sarl in France to serve France and French-speaking Belgium, Switzerland and Morocco
  • 2009: Founding of Gutermann AG (today's group HQ) in Zug, Switzerland
  • 2008: Opening of Kuala Lumpur office to coordinate the group's Asian activities, and Montreal office to serve Eastern Canada
  • 2007: Founding of Gutermann Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia with its own service and repair center, and of Gutermann Inc. in Nashua, USA
  • 2007: Launch of ALPHA technology, the world's first fixed network monitoring system with pinpointing capabilities
  • 2003: Founding of Gutermann Ltd in the UK
  • 2001: World's first pocket size PDA correlator
  • 2001: Founding of Gutermann de Mexico (in Monterrey) 
  • 2001: Launch of the first correlating radio logger (ZoneScan 800)
  • 1998: World's first combined flow-, pressure- and noise-logger (ZoneScan 400)
  • 1997: World's first and only correlator integrating GPS correlator into GIS
  • 1996: Opening of first overseas sales office in Calgary, Canada
  • 1995: World's first portable simultaneous multi-correlation correlation with colour touch-screen
  • 1991: Launch of PAL entry level correlator with automatic result assessment
  • 1985: Launch of Gutermann's first correlator
  • 1983: World's first self-powered Universal Data Logger (WACO) 
  • 1982: World's first metallic and plastic pipe locator (Detecton)
  • 1981: Founding of Gutermann Messtechnik in the outskirts of Zürich, Switzerland.
  • 1948: Founding of S. Gutermann Elektronische Apparate in Zürich - first Swiss manufacturer of leak detectors, pipe and valve locators.