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Montréal veut poser des localisateurs de fuites d'eau

» La Presse (Quebec, Canada) - August 2015

Montréal compte ainsi poser plus de 700 appareils de détection (ZONESCAN ALPHA) en mesure de préciser le lieu d'une fuite à deux mètres près et espère ainsi diminuer de «façon importante le risque de bris catastrophiques» au coeur de la métropole.

Chercher l'eau qui fuit sous la ville

» Le Devoir (Quebec, Canada) - August 2015

Montreal waterworks has been using the AQUASCOPE 550 acoustic microphone (but also the AQUASCAN 610 correlator) to pinpoint leaks on a daily basis. But soon, 600-700 loggers will be monitoring the network for leaks on a permanent and near-real time basis.

Mei Carmel of Haifa significantly reduces NRW using ZONESCAN ALPHA

» Kolbo Magazine (Israel) - July 2015

Mei Carmel, Israel's third largest water company, has reduced its NRW rate from almost 20% to below 10% in about 3 years. To a large part this was achieved using more than 1000 correlating ZONESCAN ALPHA loggers.

6 Solutions to the Water Shortage Crisis

» Triple Pundit (global blog) - June 2015

ZONESCAN ALPHA is an environmental technological innovation that "helps businesses and individuals alike cut down on their water usage without compromising their quality of life."

Die Wasserleitungen werden überwacht

» Aargauer Zeitung (Switzerland) - April 2015

Ein neues «Horchsystem» entdeckt nicht nur Leckgeräusche, sondern findet auch den exakten Ort des Schadens in der Wasserleitung. Köllikon AG rüstet sich mit modernster Leckortungstechnologie.

AQUASCAN 610 helping the City of Montreal pinpoint its leaks

» ICI Radio Canada (Quebec, Canada) - February 2015

The City of Montreal has a number of AQUASCAN 610 correlators in very heavy duty, particularly during the hard winter months. Watch from 2:20 to see our correlators in action.