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Veolia place la Métropole européenne de Lille à la pointe du "Smart Water"

» L'eau, l'industrie, les nuisances (France) - December 2016

La métropole lilloise et Veolia ont officialisé le lancement de Vig'iléo, un service d'hypervision dédié à la gestion de l'eau. Logiciels, cloud, big data et batterie de capteurs visent à faire du réseau lillois de distribution d'eau l'un des plus performants au monde.

Préserver l'eau c'est améliorer le rendement de réseaux

» Eaux de Marseille corporate film (France) - November 2016

ZONESCAN Smart featured in the corporate film of Eaux de Marseille about their approach to active leak detection to increase the "water productivity" of the entire region.

Limiting Loss: Strategies for preventing non-revenue water loss

» Water Efficiency (USA) - October 2016

Very long editorial article on Miami Dade County's water loss prevention strategy including a major piece on MDC's ZONESCAN ALPHA installation which today is the USA's largest correlating fixed network project.

Detecter les fuites d'eau plus efficacement

» Journal de Montreal (Canada) - October 2016

Very nice infographics showing how the ZONESCAN ALPHA system works in Montreal to continuously monitor the water network and detect new leaks fully automatically.

Montreal water mains: $1.1-million system listens for leaks

» Montreal Gazette (France) - September 2016

Every day at 2 a.m., hundreds of probes installed under Montreal streets come to life, record sounds for 30 seconds, then use attached antennas to beam the audio files on a 6,000-kilometre trip to a control centre in Germany.

La SOGEDO Chasse les Fuites

» Le Progrès (France) - June 2016

La commune Tavaux - partie du Syndicat intercommunal des Eaux du Recépage (SER) - a été retenue pour une surveillance en continue du réseau d'eau potable par des appareils "nouvelle génération" pour déceler les fuites.

Smart Leak Detection Minimizes Water Loss During $13bn Water Infrastructure Upgrade 

» Environmental Leader (USA) - May 2016

Working in tandem with Gutermann's ZONESCAN Alpha fixed network monitoring system, MDC needs to comply with requirements levied by the regulatory entity, keeping its non-revenue water to less than 10 percent.

Water Loss Reduction in Miami Facilitated by Gutermann

» Water World (USA) - May 2016

ZONESCAN Alpha, used globally by more than 100 cities - allows Miami Dade County to enhance its capability to pinpoint water leaks, reducing response time and man-hours for repairs to the system.

Leak detection increases by half

» South East Water magazine (UK) - April 2016

As part of the company's war on leaks, a significant investment in new leak detection technology has seen the number of leaks found by SEW increase by 54% between the beginning of December and the end of February.

Leckortung im intelligenten Trinkwassernetz

» 3R Rohre Magazin, Vulkan Verlag (Germany) - March 2016

Ein wesentlicher Bestandteil intelligenter Trinkwassernetze sind permanent installierte Sensornetzwerke für die Lecküberwachung. Unter ihnen haben korrelierende Geräuschlogger die beste Genauigkeit in der Bestimmung der Leckposition.

Gutermann products help plugging leaks all over the Middle East

» Utilities Middle East (UAE) - February 2016

Read an interview with BlueGold CEO Jeremy Llewellyn describing the impact of Gutermann's fixed network technology and other leak detection products on NRW rates in the Middle East.

South East Water invests £133k in new leak detection technology

» Waterbriefing (UK) - February 2016

SEW has purchased professional leak detection equipment from GUTERMANN worth £133,000. This equipment (including correlating ZONESCAN loggers) will serve to reduce leak losses in SEW's network more quickly.