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08. February 2012

Eislingen first city worldwide to install unmanned permanent network monitoring

After trialling Zonescan Alpha for 10 months, Eislingen in Southern Germany rolls out the system to cover its entire water distribution network.

In close competition with the larger water utility of Albstadt, the Zweckverband Eislinger Wasserversorgungsgruppe ("Eislingen") decided at the end of 2011 to roll out the unmanned permanent network monitoring system with leak alarm and pinpointing capabilities to cover its entire water disrtibution network. Prior to that decision, Eislingen had successfully tested the system on part of its network and reduced the leakage loss in that area by 100%! Only two days after the initial installation the network managers discovered a previously unknown massive leak (4l/s) underneath one of the main roads (» read the Case Study for more background information). Further leaks were found and fixed in the weeks after that.

In February 2012, GUTERMANN's specialists deployed the system in Eislingen which became the first city worldwide to have a fully automatic leak alarm and pinpointing system on its entire water distribution network.

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