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09. April 2014

Gutermann now with over 50 Fixed Network Monitoring projects

While the competition barely gets the foot on the ground, ZONESCAN ALPHA is spreading out across the globe.

In 2009, the first ZONESCAN Alpha fixed network monitoring projects were sold and installed in Germany. These pilots ran for almost 10 months, before the respective customers approved the technology and started growing their installations step by step over the next years. During the same period, Gutermann was selected by ADWEA (Abu Dhabi) as the supplier to deliver 10,000 measurement points for a fixed network leakage monitoring system. 

From Switzerland to Swaziland

Since then, successful projects have been installed in Canada, USA, Australia/New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Slovakia, the UK, and many more in Germany where it all began. And every time, the costs of purchasing the system have been returned by savings in water and operating costs within just a few months. Even the Swaziland Water Corporation is now the proud owner of a cloud-based fully automatic correlating fixed network monitoring system of the highest standard available in the market.

Several technology awards and strategic partnerships

ZONESCAN Alpha turned out to be a major advancement of acoustic leak detection technology. The technology has received no less than 6 technology awards since 2012. And companies like IBM, NEC, Veolia and many more have chosen ZONESCAN as their leak detection technology partner in their respective smart city management applications.

Exiciting times!