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18. March 2013

Gutermann present at World Mobile Congress

Gutermann presented at their partner NEC's stand at World Mobile Congress 2013, presenting Zonescan Alpha as "Smart Water Leakage Detection"

Gutermann and NEC presented Zonescan Fixed Network Monitoring as NEC's upcoming "Smart Water Leakage Detection" solution for Smart Cities at the World Mobile Congress 2013, held in Barcelona in late February. NEC showcased a range of innovative solutions for telecom operators and enterprises based on the concept of "Creating a smart society through NEC innovation". Simon Fechter of Gutermann presented the solution to customers from around the world. The reactions were enthusiastic.

Watch an interview with Simon:

NEC's outlook on the water loss problem: "By 2050, water demand is expected to increase by 50%. This puts increasing pressure on urban supply systems which already today suffer from leak loss levels of sometimes 25% or more. Conventional leak detection technologies are reactive, manpower-intensive and often inefficient. NEC with its partner Gutermann provides a smart water leak detection solution using small, permanently deployed sensors and sophisticated cloud technologies. It provides early identification of water leaks and automatic and highly accurate pinpointing of their location on a map. This gives utilities absolute control over their water distribution network and enables them to fight water loss sustainably."