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29. April 2016

ZONESCAN 820 loggers help South East Water increase leak pinpointing by 54%

The new leak detection programme devised by South East Water's leakage department, using GUTERMANN equipment, as significant impact on leak location hit rate in just 2 months.

As part of the company's war on leaks, South East Water has bought hundreds of correlating and non-correlation ZONESCAN 820 loggers which are operated by a state-of-the-art smart software on Android tablets and can be transmitted to a cloud software (ZONESCAN Net). 

"When the streets above are quiet between 2am and 4am, the correlating loggers come alive and listen to any sound coming from the pipes and transmit the data back to the office for analysis. Any leaks can now be easily heard by the leak busting team who set about repairing them before they cause any major problems in the water network. The new more sensitive and accurate correlating loggers have replaced the basic ones used for many years and which have only given the leak information in numerical form."

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