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27. February 2013

Zonescan Wins Technology Award No. 5!

Zonescan Alpha awarded Best Technology at the WEX Global Summit in Madrid

A large award for a great achievement

Steve Gilham receiving the prize

The award "Winner in Innovation in Technology" was the fifth award Zonescan Alpha received within 1 year, manifesting the innovative power of this technology. The WEX Global Summit 2013 featured a series of awards recognising significant achievement in the field ofinnovation across a broad spectrum of disciplines within the water and energy sectors. All entries in the "Technology" category required demonstrating an innovative aspect utilizing new ideas, methods, alterations and/or unique changes from existing systems. Gutermann and Zonescan Alpha won this award against the other two short-listed products (1) VITENS: Colour removal from drinking water in a zero liquid discharge process, and (2) E-MIGS LTD: Extreme Mobile Information Gathering Systems.

Read the official awards page:

Download the list of Awards won by Zonescan Alpha.