Zweckverband Eislinger Wasserwerke, Germany

“Acoustic logging is our only water loss strategy and we find it provides the quickest and most cost effective solution to reduce water loss.  In the first three months we reduced the water loss by 100% in our trial area and by 30% overall. Now we have ordered acoustic logging equipment to cover our entire network."

Karl-Heinz Beißwänger
Zweckverband Eislingen, Germany


Albstadtwerke, Germany

“With an acoustic logging system that correlates the leak position, providing both the localization and location steps of localize, locate and pinpoint we have reduced the effort and cost of localization by 98%. Our MNF has been maintained at 0.4L/S with an average  leak run-time being 1.5 days enabling us to reduce our water losses to lower levels than ever before." 

Frank Tantzky, Albstadtwerke Germany


Large Utility in the Middle East (confidential project)

“With desalinated water in a city with one million people, two thousand kilometres of pipework and thirty per cent water loss, we only have to make a two point five per cent reduction in water loss for the leakage monitoring system to be economical.

Our Zonescan Alpha installation paid for itself within only a few months of acquisition.” 

Large utility in the Middle East 


South East Water, Australia

“The operational benefits include identifying leaks before they surface and providing a more intelligent network by comparing current results against previous data to identify any change.”  

Malcolm Hill, South East Water, Australia


Large utility in France

“We have reduced the number of leakage operators employed to survey for leaks and reduced the amount of overtime. This helps us comply with the current push to reduce working hours and provides a financial saving.”