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GUTERMANN is a world leader in acoustic leak detection technology. Our product range covers all areas of traditional acoustic leak detection. Most recently, thanks to our Permanent Network Monitoring technologies, we have established ourselves as the leaders of Intelligent Water Loss Management.

Intelligent Water Loss Management is a holistic approach to leak detection. The overarching method is to use permanent network monitoring technology in your water distribution network in order to track all leak related events and non-events in one centralised management platform and real-time, follow through with events through managed event ticketing from alarm to repair, and gain complete transparency over the condition of your pipe network. When an alarm is generated somewhere in your network, you first perform online analysis of the specified event. If necessary, you go onsite and perform additional localisation and leak listening work, using conventional leak detection equipment such as ground microphones and leak noise correlators. Once the appropriate action has been taken (leak repair, pipe replacement, or only continuous surveillance of the leak), you feed back the action and respective location, leak information, pipe data or other information (such as previously unknown PRVs, electro generators or leaky house connections) into the management system. This way you continue to build ever better knowledge of your water network which will help you take more effective decisions about your pipe network (such as pipe replacement cycles or appropriateness of various pipe materials). Gutermann covers the full product range for you to become an intelligent utility.

Product Categories:

A GUTERMANN Zonescan Alpha unit overlooking winter landscape (Southern Germany)

Permanent Network Monitoring technologies allow utilities to identify and pinpoint leaks in their monitored pipe network moments after occurrence and initiate appropriate actions. Permanently installed intelligent sensors provide daily information (noise level histograms, frequency spectrum, correlation data, actual sound recordings) and therefore provide the operator with the best possible solution in terms of acoustic leak detection capabilities.


Providing superior sensors and greater amplification than most other acoustic leak detectors in the market, the Aquascope product range will help leakage operators find more leaks.

Our high-performance leak locating correlators are appreciated by customers for their physical robustness, their elegant design, their long-term reliability and their ease-of-use. Lab tests have also shown that the performance and accuracy of our correlators are among the highest in the industry. Choose between various levels of correlators that can be used in standard situations or more difficult environments (including trunk main leak detection). 

GUTERMANN's Zonescan 820 product range is cutting-edge and outperforms all other loggers available on the market. They are extremely small and robust, have the highest sensitivity, the strongest radio (proprietary radio), smart firmware, and nonetheless an impressively long battery-life. But most importantly, our loggers do not only provide noise-level data and advanced spectrum analysis, but they can also correlate and are therefore able to pinpoint leaks with high accuracy.

Our pipe and valve locators complete the range of acoustic leak detection equipment. Our equipment is designed to be effective and easy to use.