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Leak Noise Correlators

Correlators are powerful electronic devices to locate leaks on pressured pipes, where the rough location of the leak is unknown and the distances relatively high. Two (or more) sensors are placed in contact with the pipe on both sides of the suspected leak. Those sensors record and transmit the sound by radio to the processing unit. Mathematical algorythms are used to determine the exact location of certain noise profiles (such as hissing leak sound) on the pipe, by correlating the noises that reach both sensors and measuring the difference it takes to travel on the pipe from the leak location to each sensor. 

GUTERMANN has been among the first manufacturers of leak locating correlators worldwide. The AquaScan correlator range is characterised by world-leading sensors, compact and attractive design, robustness on the field and sophisticated filtering capabilities.

The AQUASCAN 610 is the world’s first cordless leak noise correlator and is certainly the most compact and portable correlator currently available.  The combination of high performance, elegant design, compact size and advanced features make this the most popular leak noise correlator available.

The All-in-one smart leak locator that is both leak noise correlator, acoustic ground microphone and electronic listening stick in one single powerful product. It is operated by smartphone or tablet, using a great-looking, very intuitive and easy-to-use Android app. With EASYSCAN even beginners get good results.

Ultra-compact and extremely easy to use – the AQUASCAN 620L laptop correlator utilizing both the legendary, industry-leading cordless AQUASCAN sensor-transmitters and the powerful new “Auto Filter” software which greatly improves effectiveness (even on plastic pipes) and provides optimal guidance for the user.

The AQUASCAN TM2 has been specifically designed for the use on large diameter pipes and for extremely difficult situations.  With higher processing speeds of a tablet PC, new signal processing technology and accelerometer sensors with additional sensitivity in the low frequency range this correlator can detect quieter leak noise at low frequency in addition to normal leaks. A powerful "Auto Filter" make this correlator very easy to operate.

The highly sensitive multi-point correlator for maxiumum convenience: Small, stainless steel sensor-transmitters, attractive Android app with fully automatic filtering and GPS-based automated geolocation and mapping for cable-free handling on your Smartphone or tablet.