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Permanent Network Monitoring

Permanent (or fixed) network monitoring means deploying sensors (loggers) permanently everywhere in your water distribution network that continuously collect information about the pipe network and automatically send leak alarms to your control center for actioning. The systems can be standalone with radio transmission (see Zonescan Alpha below) or integrated in exisiting transmission infrastructure such as AMI or AMR networks (see STAR Zonescan below). 

The following criteria are important for any permanent network monitoring system to be effective:

  • It has to be able to send the data from the sensors in the field directly to the control center, ie. without the need for a drive-by data collection or the data download in the office.
  • The system has to transmit enough data to the control room to eliminate non-leak noises (spectral analysis) and to pinpoint the exact location of the leak (correlation technique). Simple noise logging is ineffective.
  • The battery life of the sensors has to be long enough (at least 5 years) in order to avoid frequent manpower-intensive and expensive battery changes and system redeployment exercises.
Zonescan Net screenshot

Zonescan Alpha (based on Gutermann's Zonescan 820 correlating radio logger platform) is the revolution in intelligent water loss managent technologies. It is the only independent truly unmanned fixed network monitoring system that allows you to correlate, exclude false positives, pinpoint leaks, retrieve historical data, listen to leak sound remotely, all from the comfort of your office. No more undetected leaks. No more uncontrolled leak run-times. No more "dry holes" due to non-leak noise sources in the pipes. 

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STAR Zonescan product

The STAR® ZoneScan system combines the strengths of leak-detection technology from Gutermann International and two-way fixed network AMI technology from Aclara, yielding a more powerful, efficient method of detecting water main leaks.

Deployed at regular intervals throughout the water pipeline network (attached to valves via the integrated magnetic base), Gutermann leak- intelligence units monitor and analyze noise characteristics within the pipe network and can detect and identify the presence and location of a leak.

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