Case Study: AQUASCAN TM2 identifies 51 leaks for the City of Splendora, TX
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In the fall of 2021, the City of Splendora, Texas Utility Department was struggling with their unaccounted for water loss of 30%, an amount that put a significant strain on their revenues. Unsuccessful attempts to drive down their losses with usual methods led the city to look for specialized help. Enter: SAMCO Leak Detection. Following SAMCO's survey and subsequent repairs, Splendora reported a 15% water loss for the month of October; a 15% drop from the city's average water loss. Weeks after SAMCO's survey, a city school reported water in a nearby drainage ditch, despite a lack of rain. SAMCO was called out to investigate the suspected leak, which was thought to have been present for a week and a half. Using the high-powered AQUASCAN TM2 Correlator with hydrophones, SAMCO pinpointed the location of the leak underneath the school's parking lot. The source of the leak: a roughly 0.5 inch pinhole. Further analysis showed the leak was costing the utility $165 per day. Taking into account SAMCO's leak detection service charges (not including manpower hours), Splendora saw a return on investment of over 1,400% following the survey. Well done, SAMCO!