AQUASCAN 610 – Leak Noise Correlator

The AQUASCAN 610 is the world’s first cordless leak noise correlator and provides highly accurate and error-free leak pinpointing. The combination of high performance, elegant design, compact size and advanced features make this the most popular leak noise correlator available. The AQUASCAN 610 is highly accurate and extremely portable. It is designed to withstand daily use, rain or shine, in outdoor conditions.


  • No cables – no hassle or repairs: The world’s only high-performance correlator combining the ultra-sensitive sensor and the radio transmitter into one single compact unit which can be used in underground chambers with lids closed. Bluetooth communication allows both direct leak listening with stereo headphones and data transfer to PC.
  • Metallic or plastic, big or small – it works! Sophisticated frequency analysis and algorithms combined with extra-high sensitivity and rigorous hardware engineering enable the operator to identify and pinpoint leaks also in most difficult field conditions such as plastic pipes, low pressure situations and large diameters.
  • Highest pinpointing accuracy: High capacity processors and first-class firmware which was perfected through decades of experience in acoustic leak detection offer unmatched pinpointing precision of ±1 cm per 100 metres pipe distance, resulting in increased operator performance and minimised excavation costs.
  • Advanced Spectrum Analysis: Run the unique Advanced Spectrum Analysis (ASA) feature – narrowing down the correlation process to the leak-specific frequency – to find unusually quiet leaks in noisy environments, in which conventional correlators often fail to produce reliable results.
  • Error-free pinpointing and ease of use: The unique quality assessment feature offers the operator a high level of confidence for the leak pinpointing results. The quality of each correlation is automatically verified and indicated on screen. For less experienced operators the special wizard mode provides a step by step on-screen guidance through the correlation process.
  • Simultaneous multi-correlation – only on AQUASCAN 610: The multi-correlation mode allows simultaneous correlations in different frequency bands, enabling to identify secondary leaks (e.g. on house connections) which would otherwise remain undiscovered. In addition, in the expert mode the operator can experiment with different manual filter settings and see their immediate effect on the correlation.
  • 2 in 1: AQUASCAN 610 also converts into a ground mic: By connecting the correlator to a GUTERMANN AquaScope hand-probe (for spot sounding on pipes & fittings) or ground microphone (for surface verification), you can conveniently convert the AQUASCAN 610 into a high-performance listening device saving the need to carry around additional equipment.
    Life-long firmware update – free of charge: As an owner of the AQUASCAN 610, you will always have access to the latest firmware updates for your device, as and when they become available. This way you ensure that you are always up to date with the latest technology that a high-performance correlator by GUTERMANN has to offer.
  • 1 x Correlator with antenna and carry strap
  • 2 x Transmitting sensors with antenna, extension antenna cable and handle
  • 1 x 12 V vehicle charge cable with 3 connectors for correlator and sensors
  • 1 x 100-240V AC adapter
  • 1 x Correlator carry case
  • 1 x Operating manual
  • 2 Years warranty

Optional Accessories:

  • Bluetooth Headphones
  • MMC Multimedia card for memory extension
  • Hydrophones (pair) for use on non-metallic pipes
  • AquaScope Ground microphone
  • AquaScope Hand-Probe