AQUASCOPE 3 – Universal Leak Locator & Acoustic Listening Device

The AQUASCOPE 3 is a high performance water leak detector designed for use by leakage technicians and plumbers to find leaks on water mains, water services and in residential or commercial properties. The acoustic microphone in this water leak detector amplifies the mechanical vibration created when water in a pressurized system exits the pipe wall. With an electronic listening stick, magnet, tripod microphone and ground microphone the operator can use this water leak detection kit to localise the leak position and then pinpoint it under the road, in soft ground, under concrete slab or in walls.


  • Practical design and high portability: The AQUASCOPE 3 is designed by leak detection professionals for leak detection operatives. With high quality connectors, light-weight yet robust amplifier housing and cables designed to reduce trip hazards, the AQUASCOPE 3 is the ultimate instrument even for long working days. The amplifier strap enables the operator to wear the unit either around the chest or the waist. A universal headphone jack lets you work with your favourite headphones.
  • Simple and straight forward operation: The AQUASCOPE 3’s powerful built-in features are simple to operate. The unique one-button design and simple menu guidance render the AQUASCOPE 3 the perfect leak locating tool for any field operator, irrespective of his level of leak detection experience. The filter settings are extremely user friendly. Experienced operators can find difficult leaks using an adjustable narrow bandwidth filter setting to suppress any unwanted interference and background noise. The backlight function allows for night work when required.
  • High-quality and maintenance free: The AQUASCOPE 3 uses high-performance sensor technology and the most durable components. The result is greater amplification and higher sensitivity with a very clear noise which is class-leading in the industry. The robust design of all the cords and connectors and the use of Double A batteries make the AQUASCOPE 3 a maintenance-free system with practically no downtime and very low running costs. A sturdy carry case gives the AQUASCOPE 3 adequate protection for daily use.
  • “Minimum Level Profiling” function: While some acoustic devices give the user a straight “leak value”, the AQUASCOPE 3 allows the user to record a leak value that is independent of passing traffic and other ambient noises. This gives the leak operative valuable information in his survey process. Minimum Level Profiling latches to the lowest noise detected at each sounding. The last eight readings are displayed to show if the operator is moving away or towards the leak. The leak is closest to the highest value of all the recorded minimum noise levels.
  • 1 x Amplifier with Waist Strap
  • 1 x Acoustic Microphone for use with rods, tripod or magnet
  • 1 x Ground Microphone
  • 1 x Cable (Amplifier to Microphone)
  • 2 x Extension Rods and 1 Pointed Rod
  • 1 x Magnet
  • 1 x Tripod Foot
  • 1 x Headphones

Optional Accessories

  • Carry Case
  • Aviation Quality Headphones