EASYSCAN – All-In-One Leak Locator & Correlator

The All-in-one smart leak locator that is both leak noise correlator, acoustic ground microphone and electronic listening stick in one single powerful product. It is operated by smartphone or tablet, using a great-looking, very intuitive and easy-to-use Android app. With EASYSCAN even beginners get good results. With just a few quick manipulations you transform your EASYSCAN from the correlation function to the listening function. As a Premium Service member you can also automatically upload all of your measurements with according time-stamp and GPS locations to your personal myEASYSCAN.net cloud account for further analysis, reporting tools and data backup.


  • An 3-in-1 all-round leak finder
  • Extremely easy to use and intuitive
  • Attractive design, controlled on a smartphone app
  • Cloud-enabled: Store all your data in your personal cloud account (only as premium member)
  • Very affordable price
  • Free shipping, free 14-day returns​

Find out more at http://www.myeasyscan.net.

Basic Kit

The Basic Kit contains:

  • 1 EASYSCAN Sensor A: Red
  • 1 EASYSCAN Sensor B: Blue
  • 1 EASYSCAN Link
  • 1 USB Link charger cable
  • 3 rods for the listening function (one pointed rod, one extension rod and one rod with handle)
  • 1 ground plate for the ground mic function
  • 2 cords with magnets and Easyclip
  • 1 carry case

Full Kit

  • All components of the Basic Kit, plus:
  • 1 Android tablet with pre-installed EASYSCAN app
  • 1 Around-the-Ear Teufel Aureol headphones


  • The EASYSCAN App can be downloaded for free in Google Playstore
  • Optional: In the PREMIUM cloud option you can upload all measurements and results and later review and listen them conveniently on our desktop PC.