ZONESCAN NB-IOT – Correlating IOT Leak Logger

Correlating leak noise logger for permanent monitoring of water distribution mains using automatic NB-IoT cellular data upload to a cloud software.


  • NB-IoT data transmission from below the chamber lid directly to the cloud server: ZONESCAN NB-IoT is the world’s first water leak detecting noise logger based on Narrowband Internet of Things (“NB-IoT”), the new LTE-based cellular communication standard optimised for machine-to-machine data communication in smart cities.  NB-IoT significantly outperforms conventional 3G communication standard for leak detection applications:
    – Significantly lower power consumption (5-10x less) extending battery life significantly; batteries can be replaced in the field, no need for factory returns
    – Significantly improved coverage underground (deep coverage)
    – Much lower communication costs
  • Use of cloud-computed precise correlation for leak identification: The recorded sound signal of every sensor is time-synchronised to enable the Gutermann Cloud software to automatically correlate the data between all neighbouring sensors and provide leak indications even where the individual loggers don’t recognise the existence of a nearby leak. This full correlation will also give you information about the exact location of the leak that has been automatically identified.
  • Easy installation using proprietary Android-based installation software: Installing (and subsequently moving) an NB-IoT logger has never been easier. The Android app ZONESCAN INSTALL will guide you through the process of logger activation and registration to the cellular network, including its exact geo-location. An antenna jig with USB port allows you to connect the logger to your Android device for direct access. Once deployed, a regular extended antenna is connected to the logger and attached magnetically underneath the lid.  Loggers are deployed in intervals of typically between 50 and 300 meters, depending on the deployment area and the pipe properties.
  • Industry-leading cloud software for leak data analysis and result display: ZONESCAN NB-IoT logger data will be sent to and stored in the same, industry-leading cloud platform as other GUTERMANN cloud-enabled products (ZONESCAN ALPHA, HISCAN, EASYSCAN and MULTISCAN) for remote access.  GUTERMANN CLOUD is a Google MapsTM and Street ViewTM based interface which lets you see and manage all of your leak detection infrastructure, import your GIS data, perform advanced leak analysis and review leak alarms. You can also change settings, such as recording times, alarm thresholds and more.

Cloud Software Features:

  • Browser-based cloud software with data hosted on secure servers of GUTERMANN’s professional hosting partners
  • Geospatial mapping of loggers and leaks (using Google Maps and Street View technology)
  • Leak identification thanks to automatic daily correlation
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Ability to import network specific GIS and piping data in KML format
  • Maintenance mode for real-time check-up of each piece of equipment
  • Automatic calculation of leak probability
  • Email alarm for immediate leak notification
  • Event ticket management with work-flow support
  • Advanced spectrum analysis for avoidance of false leak alarms created by constant mechanical and electrical noise sources
  • Graphical display of all historical sound histograms, frequency spectra and correlation data to investigate difficult results
  • Remote access possible from anywhere in the world – on demand by GUTERMANN specialists to assist in difficult leak investigation
  • Automatic upgrades of cloud software, Android app and firmware
  • Any number of ZONESCAN NB-IoT loggers with extended antenna
  • GUTERMANN CLOUD web access
  • (Android based tablet with ZONESCAN INSTALL app on it for logger deployment)
  • (ZONESCAN NB-IoT jig antenna for initial registration of loggers with the cellular network)